The Sweetness Theme Framework

A user and developer friendly WordPress Theme Framework made from BNE Creative.

With everything you’d expect from a BNE Creative theme, we’re proud to bring you Sweetness, our WordPress Theme Framework packed into a WordPress parent theme. This theme offers everything needed to get a great site up and running, no matter who you are.

Think of it as an empty canvas ready for your inspiration!

Create an inspiring website.

BNE Creative themes are custom designed and made for WordPress using all of the latest HML5, and CSS3 standards. Powered by Bootstrap v4, all of our themes brings a complete website package that is easy to use for any end user. With ease of use also makes it developer friendly.


Full responsive and looks great on every screen size and device.


All of our themes are coded efficiently and lightweight.


Enjoy automatic updates via the WordPress admin and dedicated support.

Always Fully Responsive

Translation Ready

Automatic Updates

Online Support

No Option Bloat

Child Theme Included

Fully Responsive

Design is a solution to a problem. Art is a question to a problem.

John Maeda

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Clean Design and Feature Rich


Powered by Bootstrap and our custom framework, our themes are built using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 standards with just the right about of options to get your new website going.

  • Blocks – An entire suite of Gutenberg blocks, that work exclusively with our themes.
  • Google Fonts – Within your typography options, select from one of our preset web-safe fonts, or input any font from the Google Font Directory to include it in your website.
  • HiDPI & Retina Support – From a HiDPI logo option, to vector icons, to CSS enhancements throughout the framework, let your website display at its best, on any resolution.
  • Child Theme Included – Looking to dive into the world of code customizations? Included in your theme package is a sample child theme to jumpstart your fresh design.

Why Our Themes?

Everyone needs a reason, so here is our pitch…

BootStrap v4

Bootstrap, a solid and standardized CSS framework powers all of our themes including countless websites. Our included Blocks incorporates many of the bootstrap modules and add ons.

Fully Responsive

Our themes look great on all device screens. We make sure we meet all the standard sizes making your website look fantastic no matter who is looking at it.


As a theme, we know you have to be able to customize. Our themes are built using our unique theme framework providing many hooks and filters empowering you to move and expend most areas of this theme.

No Theme Option Bloat

We use a simple and focused theme options. We don’t include 1000’s of options confusing you on how to configure it which only hampers the overall quality. Our themes are designed to fit a particular style and allow you to tweak it where needed. 

Designed for any requirments

Creative, business, education, and so much more!

Our WordPress Themes respond to the most demanding customers. It can be a great choice for your Corporate, Ecommerce, Portfolio, Creative Agency etc. This theme can easily satisfy all of your needs. Use this theme to create any interactive website you want.

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