BNE Panels (formerly Flyouts) is a premium WordPress plugin that adds hidden off-canvas content that are displayed by sliding over your content. Show visitors contact forms, social links, testimonials, images, your social feeds, offer a subscription, display banners and so much more using the visual/text editor.

You can even use most 3rd party shortcodes from your theme or other plugins.

Google Maps Contact Forms Videos and Audio

Unlimited Panels from any side

Triggers and Panels can be placed on all four sides for the browser window. You can create as many as you want. Triggers can be hidden based on screen size or not shown at all.

Top Bottom Left Right

Animates In/Out

Each panel seamlessly animates into and out of view without disturbing your page content. Need it only for a certain page or when a user is logged in? Check out the codition examples.

Modal View On Page Load Scrolled Down

Set the size for each Panel

You can set the size of each Panel — width for Left and Right, height for Top and Bottom. Worried about it being to large on mobile? Don’t worry, if the size is larger than the screen, it will automatically go to a max-width/height of 100%.

200px Width 500px Width 900px Width

Custom Styles for each one

Make each Panel unique and matching your website design or personality. You can style the background with a solid color or image.

Color Background Image Background

You can trigger a Panel from any linked element from your website!

Each Panel has a unique classname allowing you to turn any element on your website as a trigger. This could be a mobile nav button, image, theme button or link, or even a menu item. All you need to do is include the classname on your element.

Click the Ball

Or click on a text link like this one.

Every Panel is Customizable and Unique!

Add your own creative touch to each Panel. From styling the trigger button to giving the Panel a custom color or background. Each Panel is unique and customizable for any display.

Enhance your page content with off-canvas panels!

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